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A murder suspect who is alleged to have killed his wife on November 1 has been remanded for 5 days to allow the investigators to conduct more investigation.The prosecution filed an application requesting for additional 7 days period yesterday before Justice Florence Muchemi.
The case against Joseph Kamau Mbugua has been filed by the state,he is expected to take a plea November 11.
Kamau Mbugua is alleged to have killed his wife Salome Njeri Kihu on November ,2013.The Investigation are still ongoing as the DPP wants to authenticate the matter.
The case has been adversely mentioned and the accused has been in custody for 5 days. The prosecution raised an issue that the accused has earlier been taken to Makadara law courts and there was no evidence found to back his allegations.
Advocate Githinji complained that the Makadara law courts where the accused had earlier been taken lacks power to allocate the state an extended time for further investigation.
Justice Florence insisted that Makadara law court has a jurisdiction to hear an application for the extension of time to allow the investigators to complete the investigation of the state provided the accused is arraigned to court within the 24 hours period.

According to Florence, submitting the application after the expiry of 24 hours without an explanation for the delay amounts to impunity on the part of the state for the part of state violation of constitutional right.
She opposed their application and ordered they be given 2 days to complete their investigations.

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