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Two people today been charged in a Nairobi magistrate court with piracy of copies infringing copyright works.

Grace Waithera and Katu Mulei were accused of offering for sale infringing copies of four figure Elementary mathematical tables while the copyright subsists in the name of Kenya Literature Bureau.

Waithera was accused of selling 4 copies of four figure mathematical tables on October 30 at Grama bookshop in Nairobi. On the other hand Mulei was accused of being in possession of 9 infringing copies of books titled of elementary mathematical tables on November 1 at Katu bookshop in Nairobi.

The court heard that they highly pirated the books ahead of the National exams that are about to start next week. The copies were distributed mainly in rural areas which led to the KNEC CEO Paul Wasanga to write letters to the school heads cautioning them of the pirated materials that were being sold.
The pirated copies were bearing the name of Kenya Literature Bureau  KLB that would confuse them from the original and the  KNEC council took it as a security concern .Wasanga said that only the copies from KNEC  will be allowed in the exams to curb the cheating that may arise during the examination period.
Legal Counsel of Kenya Copyright Board Paul Nzengu Muthengi told the court that, the case was  a matter of serious concern to the country since the national exams were about to start next week.
They denied the charges before principal magistrate Peter Ndwiga and were released on a cash bail of sh 20,000 each.
The case will be heard on December 4.

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