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High court judge Justice Weldon Korir yesterday declined to issue orders  stopping the launch of the Machakos city.The case


filed by senator Johnstone Muthama. Korir said that Muthama was well aware of the launch and his 11th hour stop order can therefore not hold. 
In the petition Muthama claims that Mutua’s action to excise land from the ministry of agriculture and livestock was illegal as the people of Machako’s were not consulted. In a rejoinder early yesterday   Mutua had clarified that the land totaling 2200 acres has already been reserved by the National Land Commission for investment saying it is separate from the 1400 acres belonging to the ministry of Livestock.

The hearing is set for the 8th of November. However another group under the Machakos livestock Marketing council are also threatening to go to court, terming Mutua’s move unprocedural.They say the decision to allocate land to investors should have been all inclusive since the ministry of livestock has been carrying out profitable business  on the same land. The launch of the Machakos city is however expected to proceed tomorrow as earlier planned.

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