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Interior Affairs Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo is demanding an apology from Deputy President William Ruto’s defense team and his allies for accusing him for coaching witness testifying against him at The Hague.

In a letter, Iringo has dismissed the allegations as malicious and said that he was not aware of any group that was involved in the coaching of witnesses. He was responding to accusations that he was among a group of persons who conspired to “fix” Ruto at the International Criminal Court.

He wrote the letter to Ruto’s defence team led by lead counsel Karim Khan. “I am not aware of any group that was allegedly tasked with identifying witness to present to Waki commission. Indeed, I was never involved in Waki commission proceedings in any way”

Ruto allies led by Kericho Senator Charles Keter asked President Kenyatta sack the people who trained witnesses to testify against Ruto at ICC saying they cannot work with the people who wanted Ruto jailed. Former assistant minister and Jubilee insider Danson Mungatana has dismissed the call to sack officials who are alleged to have fixed Ruto.

“There are official channels through which issues of concern to parties in coalition can be raised and addressed,” said Mungatana

The Kericho Senator and two Members of the Parliament Benjamin Langat (Ainamoi) and Leonard Sang (Bureti) told President Kenyatta to sack certain individuals in his government who are alleged to have fixed his deputy by coaching witness to lie against ruto.

“I expect that the legal team you head should avoid playing political games and instead conduct legitimate and credible investigation without tarnishing names of the innocent individuals using privileged of the ICC forum when these individuals have no means of smilar platform to respond to such accusations” says Iringo in his letter.

Iringo has been silent over the allegation after Ruto defence team mention during the cross-examination of the witness during court proceeding where they accused the interior principal secretary of coaching the witness. Ruto defence team has accused and mention some of Kibaki administration and Kibaki himself over his tribulations at The Hague.  




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