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Fired Chief Registrar of Judiciary Gladys Boss Shollei today through his lawyer has urgged Image the court to reinstate her to her former position of chief registrar of judiciary, awaiting the hearing and determination of a case she has filed seeking to be reinstated back to office.

Her defense team leading lawyer Donald Kipkorir requested the court to suspend the recruitment of the new registral.Shollei informed the court that she will be willing to proceed on leave until her case is heard and determined.

The lawyers told Justice Nduma Nderi that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) violated her fundamental rights and freedoms for a free and fair trial.Kipkorir said that until now her client has never been issued Shollei with a dismissal letter or the reasons for her removal but in response JSC lawyer dismissed korir sentiment and said shollei has already been served with the letter

The former registrar maintained that the JSC had no power to handle the disciplinary proceedings, and she severally accused four commissioners for her tribulations. Kipkorir argued that the JSC did not give her a fair administrative process or impartial hearing. She claimed that she was denied a public hearing even after seeking the same.

The defense team argues that Shollei has a case to argue before the court should give her the temporary orders and stop the ongoing recruitment process to replace her.

JSC defense Counsel Paul Muite and  lawyer Issa Mansour, dismissed the argument saying that Shollei did not enjoy security of tenure in her position as registrar of judiciary and her employer terminated her contract after she was found liable for her indiscipline and irregular procurement and financial mismanagement.Shollei want to be compensated and recruitment of new registrar stopped

The Commission on Administrative Justice has filed an application seeking to be enjoined in the suit.Shollei did no objection their application to be enjoined in the case. Senior counsel. Muite applied to seek instructions from the JSC and respond on December 1.

Justice Nderi will rule on the matter on November 22 whether to reinstate and compensate Shollei or not. Shollei was fired after she was suspended for 21 days a move that Shollei has protested strongly


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