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Security council failed African continent after it failed to
vote for the Kenya deferral case .Seven security members voted for
deferral including 3 from Africa,China and Russia.Eight UNSC
members abstained from voting that demonstrate their cowardice and
lack of appreciation of peace and security they purport to advocate for.
Kenya said the outcome on ICC case vote for deferral showed security
council does not serve the interest of a majority of members and it
requires urgent reforms.Seven members of the members who abstained
to vote are from France,Britain,Guatemala,Argentina,south,Australia
and Luxembourg.U.S is not a member of the of ICC but it has been
active pushing for ICC case against president Uhuru Kenya and his
deputy William Ruto.Last general election most of western countries
issued warning to Kenya not to vote for duals but the two were voted in
overwhelmingly. The seven that voted in support of Kenya case deferral
include,Azerbaijan,Rwanda,Morocco,Russia,Pakistan,Togo and China.AU
passed a resolution to United Nation security council on behalf of
Kenya to defer the case of Kenyan leaders for one year. UNSC turned
down Kenyan request to terminate the Kenya case before ICC but the
council said had no such powers. 6 President Kenyatta has send
foreign affairs cabinet secretary Amina Mohammed on a diplomatic
mission seeking for the deferral support. Kenyan are waiting to see
whether president Kenyatta will attend his trial in February 5 when
his case is expected to commence.President Kenyatta through his
defense counsel filed application seeking the 15 witness who has
confessed to be Mungiki members and participated in 2007/2008 to
testify in public.president Kenyatta party TNA now want the 15 Mungiki
witness to face the law in the country.

UN Security Council In Session
UN Security Council In Session

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