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Judiciary will enable taxpayer save about 148 million annually from released.This is after various judges from all corners of the country released more than 2,300 minor offenders.

This move was taken by judiciary to reduce  prisoner with petty offenders,Judiciary dedicated two weeks to hear and determine 3,500 cases of petty prisoners across the country. 70 Judges recently reviewed the cases of 4,054 convicts and found that 2,324 of the prisoners meet the standard to be placed on Community Service but 1,106 were found unsuitable and their applications were dismissed.

“We are happy to report that most of the petty offenders who were released were received very well by their families and communities since they have sufficiently reformed,”said Justice Mwongo.

Addressing court reporters yesterday afternoon at Milimani Law Court,High Court revealed that judges had released 2,324 prisoners from the criminal justice system. The Judges of the High Court, Land and Environment Court and the Industrial Court had targeted to handle 1,500 criminal appeals and a review of 3,500 cases of petty offenders serving custodial sentences of three years and below. The  Judiciary Service Week took place between October 14 and 18.

The judge revealed that the tax-payer has been spared Sh148,445,500 that would have been spent to feed the prisoners in jail for a year at a cost of Sh175 daily per person.

He said the 1,587 appeals that have been concluded during the successful service week that boosted the clearance of appeals in the High Court, which cleared 3,944 cases the whole of last year, leaving a total of 4,054 pending criminal appeals by June.


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