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Lawyer John Khaminwa leaves Milimani Law Court after he obtained orders to reinstate Muthama security


The government has been ordered to reinstate security officers withdrawn from Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama.

The Machakos senator moved to court under certificate of urgency, seeking to get back the security officers provided to him by the government.

The senator complained that his security was withdrawn on 7 November 2013 after he filed a case opposing the launch of Machakos city which was officially launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

However in the letter dated 30 April 2013, P.M Pamba  the Deputy Inspector General of the police states “However, please be advised the Hon. Senator is entitled to one(1) body guard and four(4) residence guards for one home, two guards for the day and two for  the night guard security as provided for in the policy on the provision of protective security to VIPs and other state officers”

Dr Khaminwa told the court that the senator was not given a hearing before his security was withdrawn. He further added that, the senator or is entitled to the security as a state officer and by the virtue of his position and that the act of withdrawing the officers was descrinatory since other senators are enjoying the security details

This is the second time the security Machakos Senator to be withdrawn. His lawyer told the court the Senator’s life was in danger. The case will be heard on 6 December before Justice Isaac Lenaola



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