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Daniel Waweru (28) accompanied by his lawyer Daniel Wokabi leaves the court after he was convicted for man slaughter


High court Judge Florence Muchemi   placed Daniel Waweru Gitangu on three years’ probation after his mother urged the court to grant him an opportunity to rehabilitate through a non-custodial sentence.

The young man has been placed under probation for three years.

Daniel Waweru (28) was convicted of manslaughter but warned to keep the peace and good conduct during the probation period at the risk of facing harsh custodial punishment.

This follows after the probation officer’s social inquiry report established that the immediate family members who bore the brunt of the offence are not against the Waweru being released.

Justice Muchemi told waweru to follow all instruction failure to which he the court will revoke it decision.

The incident he said occasioned on the mother double loss losing the father and the subsequent arrest and detention of the son. 

“She observed the only relief she can get for now is having his son handed a non-custodial sentence as the fate of his late husband is already sealed,” reads part of the report.

Waweru was charged that on 27 may 2012 at Kiriko village in Gatundu South district within Kiambu County unlawfully killed Peter Gitangu Thuo.  He has been in remand for the past seven months.

It is alleged that on the material day he returned home from work at around 1pm and was very drunk. His late father who was reportedly in the bedroom went to where he was sited and confronted him over why he was such a drunk at such an hour of the day. They got into a heated exchange and when he could not stomach the insults anymore, he allegedly grabbed some stick and hit the father on the head leaving him lying down on the floor as he fled to his uncle’s place.

 According to the officer P. W. Mwita, Waweru was emotional as he gave the account of the material offence expressing his deepest regrets as the victim of the offence was his father. His body language too depicted an emotionally repentant pleading for an opportunity to write his wrongs by way of a non-custodial sentence.

The mother and the siblings were interviewed and stated that they have already forgiven him in spite of what transpired and are desirous that the court will grant him an opportunity to rehabilitate through a non- custodial sentence.

“The mother said the only relive she can get for now is having his son granted  a non custodial sentence as the fate of his late husband is already sealed. ,”  the family he says whole heartedly expressed their willingness to work with our office y even committing to facilitate specialized counseling for the accused to secure his rehabilitation.

The offender he said did not exhibit an uncaring attitude as some offenders do an indication that he is truly repentant and is willing to rehabilitate.

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