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The Attorney General now wants the case filed by Cortec Industry against the mining cabinet secretary Najib Balala to be heard by a bench of more than Judge.

However cortec company through its lawyer Nelson Havi declined the application saying that,it was to delay the hearing and it was an abuse of the court process.

The national environmental and Management Authority that was enjoined in the suit argued that the High court has no jurisdiction to hear the petition.

However the presiding judge George Odunga reluctantly allowed the application for adjournment and directed the parties to file their submissions and the matter to be heard on 17 January next year.

Cortec that has been undertaking its activities in Kwale,argues the decision by  Mining cabinet secretary was arbitrary since there are no reasons to warrant the  cancellation of the license.

NEMA director general Geoffrey Wahungu supported  minister decision under what he claims that there was no environment license has been obtain for the project.

Cortec mining company has insisted issued its special license.6In a letter dated July 29 this year,written by Cortec Mining Kenya to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(EACC),the firm accuses Balala of demanding the money to aid him buy a house to
replace his house in Karen.

Cortec directer Juma Jacob accused Balala of demanding sh 80million bribe in exchange for the firm to maintain permit.The matter will be heard on 17 January.

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