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High Court has today dismissed the petition filed my  matatu operators Sacco  over the new proposed Nairobi county government  finance bill on the parking rate.

Justice Isack lenaola said that,the Nairobi county government has the mandate to regulate the parking fee.This
means the car owners will be forced to dig deper in their pocket to pay for new levies expected to take effect..

Matatu operators filed a case against county governent,city county board and the attorney general for seeking to effect an irregular sh300 parking fee.

lawyer Tom Ojienda for county government defended the move by county government and told the court that,the county
government had the power to create legislation that set the levies for parking charges.

.Matatu sacco’s lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui argued that the law used to raise the levy was unfair since public service vehicle
spends less than ten minutes within central business district.

The county finance bill  was expected to come into effect following it approval.

The county government proposed to introduce half  year and full year season ticket which retail as sh 34,000 and 58,000 .9 Other
county may implement the levies that may cost car owmers more money to cater for their parking.

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