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ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda


The National Alliance party has commended International criminal court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda for admitting publically that she had no enough evidence to proceed with president uhuru Kenyatta trial.

This comes few days after the prosecutor of the Hague based court, filed an application with the judges requesting an adjournment  of the provisional trial date on the president case.

The prosecutor said in the last two month, the key prosecution witnesses in the case against Mr.Kenyatta has indicated that he is no longer willing to testify and a key second witness in the case confessed giving false evidence regarding a critical event in the prosecution case.

In a statement issued by TNA Chairman Johnson sakaja state that

“In the uhuru case 15 witnesses were self-confessed Mungiki,mungiki is a group of extortionist criminals and the group is proscribed in Kenya. It has always been wonder how justice can be delivered out of a process
where self murders, rapists and extortionists are used to give evidence about criminals”

The party argues that the witness was known to have lied about their role and knowledge of PEV to obtain financial gain from ICC.

An African bid to postpone the International Criminal court trials of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy failed at the United Nation.

Africa union had requested United Nation Security Council to defer cases against the duals. 10Kenya accused those who abstained and said they showed clear cowardice in the face of a critical Africa matter.

 “We commend the prosecution for realizing that justice for victims cannot come from an just process “said the statement.

The party argues the prosecutor to hold an evidentiary hearing in open court to ascertain whether the process can lead to a fair trial.

The ICC judges are expected to rule on whether to grant prosecutor request or not.

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