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 Digital migration switches off to go on in Nairobi and its environs after the petition challenging the process was dismissed.

High Court Judge, Justice David Majanja dismissed the petition that was seeking to stop the planned digital migration from analogue to digital.

High Court judge issued temporally orders to stop the move to migrate on 13 December pending the hearing and determination of the petition that has been dismissed today.

“There is no prejudice that has been demonstrated by media owners if the switch off date is not extended” observed Justice Majanja.

The media houses argued that, the move to switch off from digital migration to analogue will deny Kenyans access to information and TV programs.

According to Infotrak survey 64 percent of Nairobi resident are not ready for digital migration.

New survey carried by Infotrak research and consulting on digital migration for consumer federation of Kenya reveals that 64 percent of resident of Nairobi are not ready for digital switch off with majority of the respondents coming from wealthy and educated class.

It was a major blow for the three media house after the an application filed by lawyer Paul Muite seeking 30days extension on switch off date to enable the petitioner  to appeal the high court ruling that dismissed the petition.

Everything is now on the hands of Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) who will decide when to switch off analogue to digital broadcasting.


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