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The four suspects feared to be behind Java Restraunt terror attack at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Milimani Law Court.


The four people suspects believed to be behind Java Restraunt terror attack at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport have been released on a bond of Sh 20 million each with two Kenyan sureties.

Senior Principal Magistrate Doreen Mulekyo dismissed an application by prosecution seeking to bar the four suspects from being granted bail.

The Magistrate agreed with defenses application for bail since  the constitution allows the accused to be released on bail

The foreigners are believed to have been behind the recent attack at a restaurant at the JKIA were charged in a Nairobi Court.

The four Somali nationals among them a Somali embassy employee appeared in court over suspicions of masterminding the attack two weeks ago which was initially said to be a bulb explosion

Hassan Abdi Mohamud, Mohammed Osman Ali alias Modika, Ilyas Yusuf Warsame and Garad Hassan Fer Ali appeared before Acting Senior Principal Magistrate Doreen Mulekyo.They were charged with several counts of supporting terrorism and obtaining false identification documents.

State counsel Fridah Mwanza said Mohamud, Ali, Warsame and Fer on the fateful day at the restraints at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s unit one they carried out a terrorist attack in contravention of the law.

The four were also accused of being in possession of explosives contrary to law. The prosecutor alleged that accused jointly with others not before court on January 16 at Shauri Moyo trading center in Nairobi were found in possession of two kilograms of  TNT explosive in Toyota Avensis KBS 965E silver in colour. The prosecutor further accused Mohammed Osman Ali of being in possession of 50 kilograms of TNT explosive on January 18 at Ushirika Fupi estate within Eastleigh area.

Ms Mwanza also accused Garad Hassan Fer Ali of giving shelter and support to Muhamed Osman Ali and Musdaf Ismail Hashi and others in committing a terrorist act at Java Restaurant within JKIA’s unit one.

Ilyas Yusuf Warsame and Garad Hassan Fer Ali were also accused of making a false declaration so as to obtain Kenyan passports. Warsame and Ali were accused that on April 1, 2008 and August 19 2011 respectively at the Passport Control office in Nairobi being Somali nationals wilfully and by fraudulent means presented themselves as bonafide Kenyan citizens and were issued with Kenyan passports.

The matter will be heard on 15 and 16 of April when the lawyers will engage on a tough argument with the prosecution. 



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