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Former Health and Transport Cabinet Minister and Ford Asili party leader Kenneth Matiba.


Former cabinet  minister Kenneth Matiba has sued the government  for unlawful detention.

 Matiba says  he  and former colleague Charles Rubia had on 3 May 1990 called a press conference in Nairobi in which asked the  government  to repeal section 2a of the  constitution to pave way for multiparty democracy.
The also called the dissolution of parliament and the general elections be held.
They said  repeal the provision could only pave way  to breach the  widening the democratic space.

The said section provided that Kenya was a de jure one party state.

He says that  the former president retired Daniel arap Moi and his associate roundly, falsely and maliciously accused them of being actuated by sinister motives in calling for the re-introduction of multiparty democracy and even went as far as criminalizing their perfectly legal actions.

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