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Sergent Ezekiel Luley from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit headquarters showing one of the riffles recovered from west gate mall.


The terrorists who attacked the West gate Shopping Mall on September 21 last year differed on who to kill and not to kill among the hostages, an eyewitness told a trial court today.

Geoffrey Khotia a disc jockey who was entertaining children at a cooking competition on the second floor of the mall, informed court that he  was going to the second floor when he heard gunshots which at first he mistook for a police operation. In few minute’s time the DJ said he heard more gunshots all over the parking bay and as he attempted to take cover two gunmen burst into where they had hidden with other people and started shooting at anybody on sight.

He said  he pretended to be dead for one and half hours when he overheard the terrorists communicate from a distance of  about 15 meters from where he was. The witness said he was shot on the leg and fell down and remained on the floor as the two attackers positioned themselves. While on the floor he said he overheard  the two attackers converse in English with the hostages. The witness said the attackers were speaking in English with Arabic accent and one of them said “You people we have been asking you to be Muslims but you don’t want instead you go ahead to kill our people,”. He added that the attacker also said that “We Mujahidin we don’t want to kill small children and women,”

The witness said the attacker ordered all children and women to stand up but was intercepted by his colleague who differed with him saying “You people we have been giving you a chance but you have been killing our children why should we spare yours call Uhuru Kenyatta to save you,”. He said immediately after that statement that the attackers opened fire at the hostages.

He said he also heard one of the attackers make a phone call in which he communicated in Arabic for almost two minutes. “I saw and  heard the gunman speak to somebody via the phone but I could not comprehend what they were saying as I did not understand Arabic, “ the witness said. After the call he said the two attackers disappeared into the building while shooting.

During the proceedings court was shown some of the firearms that were recovered from the mall after the attack. Sergent Ezekiel Luley from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit headquarters told acting Chief Magistrate Daniel Ochenja that on September 25 four days after the attack  three investigation teams moved into the mall and his team was mandated to search through the ground floor.

Mr Luley said on October 17 is when his team searched through the debris and managed to recover one  G3 rifle next to an AK47 rifle and two magazines on the basement of the mall. He added that they also later recovered from the basement  three AK47 rifles and each had a magazine attached to it. He informed court that his team was able to recove a total of 11 magazines from the same spot.

“We also recovered human bones, jaws and skulls from the same spot where the firearms were and they are at the moment undergoing forensic examination,” Luley said. The ATPU officer further told court that on October 1 they recovered an F.N Hesteal rifle next to a bodies of two KDF soldiers

The ATPU officer also told court that on October 20 his team recovered fresh body remains weighing 10 kilograms from the basement and was taken for forensic examination. He said his team closed the recovery on October 27 and handed all the exhibits to the investigating officer.

The hearing was adjourned to April 10.

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