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Kajiado East Member of Parliament Peris Tobiko outside Milimani Law Court last year after  High Court declared she was properly elected on 4 March election.


The Court of Appeal has up held the election of  Peris Tobiko has properly been elected as member of parliament for Kajiado East.

 The appellate judges  Roselyne Nambuye, GB Kariuki and judge Mwilu dismissed the appeal saying that the Peris was properly elected and affirmed the decision of the high court.

They said in there judgment that no irregularities was established has alleged by petitioner Kakuta Maimai

 They said Maimai did not prove there was malpractice in the election. He said the evidence brought to court by the petitioner was not enough to nullify Tobiko’s victory.

“From the analysis of evidence before the court, I declare that Tobiko was validly elected Kajiado East MP and the IEBC and returning officer conducted a free and fair election,”

Kajiado East Member of Parliament Peris Tobiko is a 42-year-old mother of four who made history in March when she became the first Maasai woman elected to Kenya’s Parliament.

 Tobiko defeated four men in the race to represent the Kajiado East constituency.She said her win in the March 4 elections marks a milestone for her and other women in the Maasai community, a nomadic herding people who live primarily in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The Maasai represent the majority of the population in the Kajiado East constituency.

 As a result of the patriarchal nature of the Maasai, Tobiko said she had a tumultuous journey to the National Assembly, which makes up Kenya’s Parliament along with the Senate. During Tobiko’s campaign, Maasai elders publicly declared that they would curse anyone who voted for her, she says. Her opponents also urged community members not to vote for her, saying it defied their culture to elect women as leaders.

The petitioner Kakuta Maimai moved to court last year to challenge Tobiko victory alleging there was malpractice in the election.The High Court dismissed the petition.




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