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Nairobi senator Gideon Sonko leaving Milimani Law Court after he obtained orders restraining Nairobi County government from levying new land rate.


Nairobi County Government has been halted from levying new land rates, pending the hearing and determination of the application before court.
Justice George Odunga issued the issued the restraining order, after Nairobi senator Gideon Sonko moved the court on an application under certificate of urgency.
The court through the senator his lawyer Lydia Kwamboka, told the the county government has increase the rate from 17 per cent to 34 for unimproved value of properties within Nairobi.
She told the court unless the restraining orders are issued the Nairobi County agent will start effecting the notification and that the property owners within Nairobi County may be prosecuted for failure to pay the rates.
The court heard that County government came up with rates without consultation with stakeholders or residents of Nairobi, saying the move is arbitrary and oppressive.
The said notification is to take effect from January 2014, saying the agent of the County have started effecting the same.
Justice Odunga said pending the hearing of the judicial review application on April 30, the resident will continue paying the old rates of 17 per cent.


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