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Deputy President William Ruto.


Deputy President William Ruto has lost bid to stop Eldoret farmer from executing a judgment in which he was ordered to Sh 5 million as compensation for taking advance possession of his land.
Justice Rose Ougo declined to halt the execution, saying the farmer Adrian Gilbert Muteshi had demonstrated to the court that deputy President is capable of paying the money.
The judge said in issuing stay of execution the court could have denied the judgment holder the opportunity to get his money, the court however gave Ruto temporary reprieve of fourteen days to allow move to the appellate court

His lawyer Kioko Kilukumi had told the court that, deputy president is to appeal against the judgment and that he should be allowed them to deposit the amount in the joint accounts of the advocates, saying that if pays he Muteshi and the court set aside the judgment the farmer may not be able to refund the money.
His application was strongly opposed by the farmer’s counsel on grounds that he has not filed the record of appeal and that the deputy president is person of good means and that he should pay the money plus costs and goes on to pursue his the appeal.


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