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Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui with member of matatu owners outside Milimani Law Court.


Traffic police are at liberty to carry out inspection on public vehicles to establish whether they are fitted with speed governors.The inspection will commence tomorrow.
The high court declined to restraining orders as sought by bus owners in their review application filed under of urgency.
Justice George Odunga he instead allowed the applicants to bring proceedings and quash gazette notice containing the regulation that the buses to have speed governor those found to have complied with rules their vehicles will be impounded and the owners fined Sh 50,000.
The court only halted police from removing roof carriers on PSV.
The applicants through their lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui told the court that the action by police to impound the vehicles will affect public transport in the country.
He urged the court to intervene and safe Kenyans who use public transport.
The matter will be heard June 2 to determine restraining orders can be issued.


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