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Principal Secretary for Transport Nduva Muli and Cabinet Secretary Engineer Michael Kamau addressing the press/


The Principal Secretary for Transport Nduva Muli has opposed the scrapping of Rule 11 of the newly gazette Transport regulations.
The rule involves removal of luggage carriers, installing tracking gadget systems, installing of speed governors able to record speed of vehicle for 30 days.
“If the court were to stay legal notice 23 of 2013, (New regulations), consequently, it will expose Kenyans to unsafe an unregulated mode of Transport. It will be against the public will to stay the challenged regulations because it will leave the sector unregulated,” Said Muli.
Juustice George Odunga, Thursday stayed the operation of rule 11 until the parties in the matter had responded to the allegations raised by Lawyers -Harrison Kinyanjui and Thiong’o Caragu for both Matatu Associations.
They had lamented that Cabinet Secretary Engineer Michael Kamau was flexing his muscles against the orders given by the court to stop the effecting of rule 11 till the case was heard and determined.
The PS Nduva Muli argued that the Cabinet secretary had gazetted the rules after consulting all the stake holders.
“The Cabinet Secretary has powers under the traffic Act to make regulations for public good to ensure that the roads are safe at all times as such reduce carnage that causes a lot of damage to Kenyans,” Emphasized the PS.
The Matatu Welfare association seeks an extension of the deadline put by the government to comply with the ‘Kamau rules’ extended.
The court will convene next week Monday April 14, to deliver a ruling on whether to quash the entire traffic regulations including night Ban Travel.


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