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The embattled Garissa governor Nathif Jama Adam consulting with one of the garissa county MP who attended the hearing of his application at Supreme Court today.


The Supreme Court has given Garissa County Governor temporary reprieve after it extended an order halting his removal from office in view of the judgment of the court of appeal which found him invalidly elected.
Justice Philip Tunoi and Njoki Ndundu said that pending their decision to be delivered on May 9, the execution of the appellate court’s judgment should remain in abeyance
. The embattled governor Nathif Jama Adam through his lawyer Ahmednasir told the court that the judgment of the court of appeal had loopholes which is incapable of being executed against him and same should be set aside
The court heard the appeal court exceeded its jurisdiction and addressed itself on issues which were not raised by two voters who challenged the election of the governor.
The lawyer submitted that the Supreme Court has power to direct what the appeal court ought to do when handling the election related matters
He asked the court to issue a conservatory order halting the judgment of the appellate court until the appeal before them is heard and determined.
Mr. Ahmednassir said that his client ought to remain in office discharge his duties until the highest court in land makes its decision on the appeal which has been triggered by the appeal court.
The court will endeavor to consider the submission by the lawyer representing the aggrieved governor.


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