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Law Society of Kenya (LSK) CHAIRMAN Eric Mutua.


Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has moved to court seeking orders to stop Cabinet Secretary Treasury and the office of the attorney general from paying Anglo Leasing companies on grounds that the said companies never existed and did not supply the goods and materials.
The lawyers’ body told Justice David Majanja, that the treasury should be restrained from making any payment until the court makes a decision on the application before it.
The court heard from James Mwamu appearing for LSK that no payment should made to Universal Sat Space (North America) in pursuance to judgment in high court court of Justice Queens bench in London.
The lawyer said further payment should not be made to Mercantile Securities Corporation as result of a consent entered in the civil section of the tribunal of first Instance of Geneva, saying that this are foreign judgment that ought been brought before the jurisdiction of the Kenya court for enforcement.
Mr Mwamu said the treasury and the office of the attorney general failed to appreciate the existing statutory constitutional provisions of law on enforcement of foreign judgments based on fraudulent and illegal contracts.
He submitted that the treasury and the office of attorney are about to breach the constitutional provisions under Article 201 that puts emphasis on the finances must be transparent and accountable to the people of Kenya.
The court certified the matter urgent and directed the application be served and the matter be heard inter parties on May 7


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