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Machakos senator Johnson Muthama and his lawyer Dr John Khaminwa leaves Milimani Law Court.


Machakos senator Johnson Muthama has moved to court seeking orders to halt the office of director of public prosecution from ordering his arrest and prosecution over the sell of 5,000 acres of land by Mailili Ranch company limited.
The senator through his lawyer Dr John Khaminwa, told Justice David Majanja, that the office of the DDP has already received recommendation from the director of criminal investigation to effect that Muthama, former permanent secretary Bitange Ndemo, LSK chairman Eric Mutua among other should be charged with fraud and forgery in the Sh 1 billion Malili ranch “Scandal”
Dr Khaminwa told the court that the DDP is likely to make a decision to charge his client when clear investigation were not carry out.
However in swifty moved Mr Ashimosi Shitambati representing the DDP said that the decision has not been made to charge the senator and his would the co-accused.
He said the application before is premature since has just received the report and he has not any decision to warranty and injunction as sought by the senator.
Justice Majanja certified the application and directed the same be served upon DDP and office of the attorney general and the matter by all parties on June 4.


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