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Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development Charity Ngilu at the land registry in Nairobi.


The National Land Commission has moved to court seeking orders to compel Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development Charity Ngilu to re-open the Central Registry and the Banking hall to allow employees of the ministry resume work.
The commission filed the application under certificate of urgency, saying that the closet of Central Registry has affected the smooth working of the commission and Ministry staff.
The cabinet secretary ordered the closer of the main registry to pave way for records, document and files to be arranged in order; the exercise is to take place for a period of ten days it kicked off on May 5.
The commission says that the move has largely affected the ministry staff that has been locked and stranger engaged to carry the exercise.
They argue that people engaged by the cabinet secretary are likely to tamper with records and confidential documents.
” The said strangers are handling documents at the records registry which falls within the sole constitutional and statutory mandate of the commission” they say.
Ministry staffs in Ardhi house are now working under instruction and have to be intimidated by the ministry officials while the whole building is heavily guarded.
Services at the Ministry of Lands have been grounded following an order by Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu to suspend all transactions for 10 days starting on Monday.CS Ngilu said the move was to facilitate reforms at the central registry.
She, at the same time, appointed Jane Ndiba as the senior deputy chief lands registrar to oversee operations. Turf wars between Mrs Ngilu and the National Land Commission Chairman Mohammed Swazuri that have been raging on for a year now has in many ways affected land transactions, including renewal of leases, searches, land rent payments, valuation processing and issuance of title deeds.
The presiding judge Justice David Majanja who heard the application did certify the matter urgent and directed the suit papers to be served upon the Cabinet secretary and the matter be heard tomorrow by all parties.


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