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Former cabinet minister William Ole Ntimama in a courtroom in milimani law court Nairobi.(file photo).



Former cabinet minister William Ole Ntimama has taken to court Narok County Governor over the award of lucrative tender for the collection of revenue without involvement of public participation.
Mr Ntimma and two residents from the county filed the application under certificate of urgency seeking an order to halt KAPS Kenya limited from implementing the private partnership with county government.
He says that county assembly was not consulted or approved the tender award so as to ensure that procurement procedures were followed as required by law.
The applicants through their lawyer Omwanza Ombati told Justice David Majanja that there was violation of the procurement requirement and as result 300 County staff have been sacked and other 250 stand the risk of losing their jobs
”The are staff who were employed by the previous county council to collect revenue on its behalf and now been sacked due to new partnership with KAPS and the County Government” he said
The lawyer told the court that the applicants have made attempts to been supplied with tender documents and other information concerning the award but none has been availed.
He submitted that the court should exercise its discretion and issue order compelling the governor to supply the document and information as required by law.
The documents and information requested is a signal of fair administration action of good governance, transparent and accountability as provided in the statue under articles 10, 21 and 47 of the constitution of 2010
He said if the documents are not released to the applicant forthwith their rights to access to information will be infringed.
Mr Omwanza said that initially the private company was awarded the tender to collect revenue on behalf of the county government in Maasai Mara National reserve, but same has extended to cover Entire County without participation of the county assembly.
The applicants the court heard have sought an order to stop the private company from collecting revenue regular parking motor vehicles, clamping of motor within the county, further it be halted from management of revenue collection in the Mara Triangle and Maasai Mara National Reserve, until the court makes a determination of the petition.
The court directed the application be served upon the county government and the matter be heard on 4 June 2014 inter parties.


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