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Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)




Industrial court has halted Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Board Management from sacking a researcher and planning officer.
Justice Monica Mburu said the hearing determination of the application before court Kizito M Lubano said remains in office until dispute is resolved.
The court consequently restrained Kemri board of management and the institute’s director from acting on any recommendation to sack the officer.
The aggrieved officer is Principal Researcher and former head of planning monetary and evaluation officer whom the board has earmarked for retirement.
Justice Mbaru was told by Okiya Omtatah Okoiti and Nyakina Gisese who have filed the suit on behalf of the officer as human rights activists, saying the move by the board to retire the officer is without basis and it violates his Rights.
The court heard that the officer faces imminent retirement and trumped up criminal charges will be preferred against him to cover the malicious action by the board and if the same is allowed to take place it will go against the spirit of acticle236 of the constitution which protect public officers from being victimized and discriminated upon by their employers.
The officer has not been given an opportunity to defend himself before a disciplinary committee and such proceedings will be used as recommendation for his retirement it will violate the principal of nature justice.

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