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Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo



High Court judge has today yet again Ordered the Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo to appear in court on 3rd July this month to explain why his ministry is yet to pay over Sh31 million to a Tanzanian
businessman for wrongful prosecution.
Justice George Odunga Thursday directed that Mr. Iringo to present himself to court for further orders after subsequently failing to explain why Mr. James Alfred Koroso has not been awarded Sh31, 576,584.35 since 2008 as compensation.
The compensation was awarded for wrongful arrest and robbery with violence charges against Mr. Koroso at a Kiambu magistrate court which later acquitted him.
Justice Odunga made the directive after a state lawyer representing Mr. Iringo said that negotiations are ongoing in order to reach an agreement on what should be done to Mr. Koroso.
But Mr. Koroso’s lawyer argued that the PS had on several occasions failed to obey court summons or orders and pleaded with the judge not to tolerate any Explanations.
Justice Odunga had initially issued extended orders requiring the Inspector general of police to arrest Principal Secretary Ministry of interior and co-ordination of National Government Mr. Mutea Iringo and produce him in court to be cited for contempt.
Justice George Odunga said that no proper reasons have been given to the court n certify why he has not come to court.
The officer was supposed to have appeared in court on 11 February 101`4 to show because why action should not be taken against for failing to honor the court judgment in which a Tanzanian national James Alfred Koroso was awarded Sh 31 million has damages arising from malicious prosecution by the state.
Mr. Kosoro was arrested in Taveta by police charged in Kiambu Chief Magistrate court with the offence of robbery with violence in 1993. He was however acquitted to the criminal indictment and later filed a civil suit in 1996 claiming damages and for malicious prosecution the matter was decided in 2008 by Justice Jack ton Ojwang who a awarded him Sh 21 million has damages.
He says that to date the government has not paid the money has ordered by the court.
The matter will be mentioned on 3of July to show cause why he should not held in contempt of court

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