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Devolution secretary Anne Waiguru who survived an abortive impeachment motion by Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi.


Two two petitioners has moved in court seeking orders to stop the speaker and the clerk of the national assembly and the speakers from all the 47 county assemblies from accepting any motions to impeach cabinet secretaries, county executive members and Governors.
The duo Douglas Njenga Irungu and EmillyNjoki Maina, says that there is imminent threats by members of parliament and members of county assemblies to impeach cabinet secretaries, which move might prejudice the rights of the applicants.
They also want the court to interpret the meaning of acts that amount to gross misconduct by the said officers.
They say that the recent motion before the House against Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary was brought total disregard of the constitution as set out in article 118 of the statues.
” The current missions by members of parliament and county assemblies will have devastating and potential harmful consequences to the offices of the cabinet secretaries and county governors” they said.
The applicants through their lawyer Njenga Mwangi told justice Mumbi Ngugi, that their application is urgent and the court should exercise its powers and issue the orders sought to prevent the action of members of parliament and county assemblies from the filing the impeachment motion.
The court certified the matter urgent and the directed the same be served upon the governors in the 46 counties the matter be heard on June 19.


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