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Lawyer Pauline Muhanda with some residents of Kajiado West Constituency leaving Milimani Law court after court directed they be given names and ranking of the applicant for the positions awarded to Ewuaso OO Nkidong’I and Keekonyokie wards of Kajiado County.


High court has ordered the Kajiado County government to provide the names and the ranking of the applicant for the positions awarded to Ewuaso OO Nkidong’I and Keekonyokie wards in county service board pending the hearing and determination of the application filed in court on Friday.
Justice Lenaola granted the petitioner the order on Monday morning and directed the the Kajiado county government to respond to the application within 14 days and appear in court on 14 of July for inter parties hearing.
Residents of Kajiado West Constituency moved to court on Friday seeking orders to nullify all the appointments made by their County government.
The fifty five applicants who are residents of Ewuaso OO Nkingo’I and Keekonyokie wards allege discrimination in the public appointment by the Kajiado County Service Board, saying there has been unfair distribution of employment amongst their community.
The applicants James Tinai Murete and Gideon Meyoki who represents their colleagues in the petition says through their lawyer Pauline Muhanda that the county government of Kajiado did not advertise for the 24 vacancies and the applicants were the first to apply.
They latter learned that 20 slots were given to adjacent clan Odo Mong’I and the remaining four went to Orok Kiteng clans respectively, saying they were not considered for any post despite having made the
The lawyer told Justice Isaac Lenaola that the county service board in making the appointment failed to adhere to the two third rules on gender and equality as prescribed in the constitution which provide
for the consideration of persons with disabilities.
She said that due to the uneven appointments, other tribes like
Kambaas, Kikuyu, Somali, Luo and Luhyas who reside in the constituency
were completely marginalized in the recruitment.
The court heard that the applicants are so disadvantaged due the fact that the members of County Assembly (MCAs) representing their wards are from the dominating Odo Mong’I clan.
The lawyer submitted that her clients are apprehensive that the county government has also advertised for eleven vacancies whose deadline was June 20, saying that they fear that Service Board will
discriminate upon them as a clan and their constitutional Rights to equality an freedom will violated as happened before.
“As a clan will stand discriminated upon by the county government for many years to come unless the court intervenes” the lawyer said.

On Friday Pauline Mohanda urged the court to order for nullification of the appointments mad respect of Ewuaso OO Nking’I and Keekonyokie wards on grounds the said recruitment infringed their constitutional rights to access
The matter to be heard on 14 of July for inter parties hearing.


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