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James Shisia Wanda at a Milimani law court where he was charged with willfully and negligently subjecting his six year old son John Shisia to cruel punishment by beating him up and chopping off one of his ear.


A father of seven who turned his against his six-year-old son by chopping off one of his ears over theft allegations has been charged in a Nairobi magistrate court.
40-year-old father James Wanda a resident of Mathare Area 4B in Nairobi County shocked court when he admitted that he beat and forced his son John Shiswa to drink his own blood which he had tapped in a basin after chopping off his right ear.
The prosecutor informed Milimani Resident Magistrate Eddah Agade that the accused who is the biological father of the boy returned home at around 7.30 pm last Sunday evening and started beating his son alleging he is a thief.
Court heard that after the pre-unit child declined to respond to his father’s questions, the accused allegedly picked a kitchen knife and chopped off his son’s right earlobe. Wanda is also alleged to have compelled the boy to drink his own blood from the basin.
Prosecutor said attempts by the boy’s stepmother to stop the father from administering discipline by such a cruel manner fell on deaf ears after he unrelenting to beat the boy.
She rushed out of the house and alerted neighbors who later called the police and the man was arrested and charged with subjecting a child to cruel punishment contrary to Children’s Act of 2001.
Wanda admitted the charge claiming that his son has given him hard time as he has been stealing from neighbors.
He claimed that he has never attempted to commit such an act saying that he did not use a knife but a razor blade.
The casual labourer asked the court to grant him compassionate bond terms as he was the sole-breadwinner for his family.
“I urge the court to take discern of the fact that I fend for my family and some of my children are in secondary school” Wanda said.
However the magistrate declined to admit the accused to bail on grounds that the safety of the complainant is not guaranteed at the moment.
“Before the accused is admitted to bail, this court must be assured of the security and safety of the complainant in this case. I order the accused to remain in custody until it is established that it is safe to release the accused on bond,” Ms Agade said.
She directed the accused to undergo a medical examination before the court passes its decree.
He was remanded at Muthiaga Police Station until July15 to enable police to congregate more facts which the court demanded before it hands down the sentence.

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