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Tanzanian businessman James Alfred Koroso with his lawyer Benson Njau Kayai outside a court room at Milimani Law court after the court issued warrant of arrest against Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo for failing to appear in court as ordered yesterday .


An arrest warrant has been issued yet again against Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo who is accused of sitting on Sh31 million damage claims that was awarded to Tanzanian for wrongful detention and torture.
This comes in the wake of a series of similar orders that were issued against him in pending compensation cases dragging on in court but are yet to be executed.
High Court Friday issued a warrant of arrest against Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo after he failed to appear as ordered by court on Thursday morning.
Justice George Odunga directed Inspector General of Police to arrest the PS and bring him to court after he failed to heed several court summons.
Mr Iringo was summoned to explain why his ministry is yet to pay over Sh31 million to a Tanzanian businessman for wrongful prosecution
Mr James Alfred Koroso was awarded Sh31,576,584.35 in 2008 as compensation and is yet to be paid.
This is the second warrant of arrest to be issued against Mr Iringo in the case.
The compensation was awarded for wrongful arrest and robbery with violence charges against Mr Koroso at a Kiambu Magistrate court, which later acquitted him in December 7, 1995.
In February, Justice Odunga ordered for Mr Iringo’s arrest for him to show cause why he should not be tried for contempt.
He had sued for special damages following his arrest and torture in December 19, 1993 and the government was to be paying him Sh31, 576,584 with an accrued interest of 6 per cent from the date of the award, but this has not been honoured to date.
“Despite the award, the respondent has continued to default and the plaint has been unsuccessful, instead I have received calls from government officials who are telling me that this is Kenya and I am a foreigner and, may pay with my life for the continued litigation,” he said.
The litigant said he is seeking costs in terms of loss of income from business and legal expenses.
The matter to be mentioned on 25 of July.



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