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Kericho Senator Charles Keter who has been summoned to appear before court to testify at the inquest probing the death of the late University of Nairobi student Mercy Keino.



Kericho Senator Charles Keter has been summoned to testify at the inquest probing the death of the late University of Nairobi student Mercy Keino.
Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Moses Omirera on Thursday applied for summons for Keter and two other key witnesses Morris Mihango and Benjamin Mutiso to appear in court to give their version of the position that led to the mysterious death of Mercy.
Keter the then Belgut MP and Mercy’s family disputed police claims that she died in an accident.
The deputy DPP informed court that the State seeks to scale down the number of witnesses who are expected to testify at the inquest when it resumes on November 13.
45 witnesses have testified and 20 more were creased up to give their account of the events on the night of June 17, 2011 when Mercy was reported to have attended a party hosted by Kiambu governor William Kabogo by then Juja MP at Wasini Apartments in Westlands.
During Wednesday hearing, the inquest heard that Director of Public Prosecutions Kariako Tobiko appointed an investigator after a disconnect emerged between the events at Wazini Apartments and the scene where the body was found at Wayaiki Way.
Senior Superintendent of Police Geoffrey Kathurima who was appointed by the DPP to conduct further investigations told the court that the possibility of a fatal road accident was not clear to detectives which prompted his team to ask for an inquest.
“It was not clear to the investigators how the deceased left Wazini only for her body to be found on Waiyaki way. My team attempted to piece together the account of the events between the two scenes and we concluded that an inquest could help to resolve the inconsistencies that arose in earlier investigations,” Kathurima said.
He said his team visited the scene where the body was recovered and tried to figure out a possibility that Mercy was ran over by an unknown motorist as she tried to cross the road.
The magistrate who said the court is likely to visit the scene and Lawyer Stanely Kangahi for Kabogo however sought to know more from the witness.
When asked how far the point was from the zebra crossing, he said it was about 30 meters from the weighbridge.
“The last time the deceased was seen alive at Wazini was around 2 am. Did you try to piece together what happened between Wazini and Waiyaki Way?” lawyer Kangahi posed.

Kathurima told the court it was hard to tell given that we conducted investigations a week after the incident. It remained unclear to us and that is why I recommended to the DPP that an inquest be conducted so as to get a clear picture of what happened
Kathurima further added it was not clear to them if it was a road accident or not and he could not tell how the deceased left Wazini Apartments for Waiyaki Way.
The hearing was forced to adjourn after the deputy DPP said Corporal Clement Mwangi who was scheduled to testify on Thursday was unable to appear due to unavoidable circumstances.
The court on Wednesday watched CCTV footages but adjourned.The inquest will resumes on November 13.

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