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Njuguna Mwangi the Member of County Assembly of Nairobi from Maringo ward and his counterpart Samuel Irungu both of Makadara constituency at Milimani Law court.


Two members of the Nairobi County Assembly have been charged in court for corruption.
The duo Njuguna Mwangi and Samuel Irungu mwangi are claimed to have received bribes from a city business person to come up with a favorable report to stop demolition of Saika Market by Nairobi County administration.
The prosecution allege that on 11 August 2014 at Enkala restaurant within Nairobi county the first accused person Mwangi received an inducement of Sh 680,000 from Elijah Muendo Mwau so as to assist him to write a good report not to demolish Saika Market.And on the 14th of this month at Enkara restaurant he fraudulently received yet another 280,000 shillings bribe from Elijah Muendo Mwau and Philip Kilonzo.
This was contrary to anti-corruption and economic crimes act number 3 of 2003.In the Third count both Njuguna Mwangi and Samuel Irungu Mwangi a member of county assembly from Komarock ward also were involved in a fraudulent deal worth 140,000 shillings being a bribe from Philip KIlonzo.
They were released on a cash bail of 100,000 shillings each or an alternative bond of 300,000 shillings. Their lawyers George Kithy and Seth Ojienda requested the prosecution to supply them with all documentary evidence and statements from witnesses that they intend to rely upon.
The court fixed the matter be mentioned on 28 august 2014 for directions as to the hearing.

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