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Lucy Hannan with her lawyer Kethi Kilonzo at the Milimani high court.Justice Isaac Lenaola had ordered the director general in charge of immigration to appear in court on Friday to explain why he has not issued a work permit for her
Lawyer Kethi Kilonzo with British Journalist Hannan Lucy Elizabeth who will be issued with one year permit to work in Kenya after Kenya Citizen and Foreign Nationals Management agreed to issue a British Journalist be issued permit outside Milimani Law court in Nairobi.(11/09/2014)

Kenya Citizen and Foreign Nationals Management have now agreed to issue a British Journalist with a work permit.
The department’s legal officer Mwende Gatabaki told Justice Isaac Lenaola, that the office was unable to understand the court’s orders requiring the issuance of work permit to Hannan Lucy Elizabeth.
She clarified that the journalist had applied for the permit but the committee charged with responsibility of approving the same had declined.
M’s Gatabaki said the office will consider issuing her with the document pending the determination of the petition before the court.
The admission by the Immigration office was caused by the contempt application and summons issued by the court requiring the attendance of the director general to show cause why action should be taken for disobedient of the court order
Justice Lenaola had issued the order after the journalist’s lawyer Kethi Kilonzo told the court that the director general has not complied with the order of the court requiring him to issue the work permit to the foreigner resident in Kenya.
Kethi told the judge that the scribe cannot work or her children have been declined to go school without pass as result of refusal by the office director of migration to give the necessary documents.
She can neither travel nor work in Kenya despite the court order, saying that her apprehensive that she might be arrested and charged for being in the country without work.

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