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Wiper Democratic Movement Nominated MP Bishop Robert Mutemi with his Lawyer Wilfred Nyamu at
Milimani courts on 10/27/2014.

Appointment of Wiper Democratic Movement Nominated Member of Parliament, Bishop Robert Mutemi Mutua, has been challenged in Court over claims he is a member of the United Democratic Forum (UDF).

Wiper member David Muriuki Ndwiga on Monday petitioned the court to revoke Dr Mutemi’s nomination on grounds that he did not qualify for the seat because he’s not valid membership of the political party headed by former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka.

The aggrieved member argued that Dr Mutemi’s selection was irregular and invalid since it violated Section 74 of the Elections Act.
Wiper party lawyer Steve Mogaka,told the court the party what to de-nominate Bishop Robert Mutemi as their nominated Member of parliament since he’s not the wiper party member and replace him with a registered party member to represent the party.
The Registrar of Political Parties, Wiper Democratic Movement-Party and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had confirmed the membership status of the beneficiary in the UDF and he deserved to vacate the seat, Muriuki said.
The petitioner explained that he discovered Dr Mutemi was not a Wiper member and confronted him with documentary evidence but he has never responded.
Further, the Wiper secretariat in Nairobi had acknowledged the blunder but failed to nullify the unlawful nomination, he said.
Orange Democratic Party nominated MP accused the wiper party leader for trying to remove bishop Mutemi because he refused to step down for Kalonzo.
”Hon Bishop Mutemi represent people with people with disabilities through wiper just like I do through ODM and these positions are not by favor, they are not tokens it’s on record Hon Mutemi was told by none other than party leaders Kalonzo Mosyoka to step down for him in case he lost the elections and because he refused and he represent people with disability and Kalonzo is not he’s being humiliated” nominated Member of Parliament Hon Mwaura said.
The chairman of people with disability further accused the Wiper party for being behind Hon Mutemi removal despite the party denying it during its meeting the other day.
“It’s very very unfair just the other day when wiper had a meeting they said they are not behind this petition but as we speak today we found in court wiper is behind it” Hon Mwaura said

Justice Isaac Lenaola enjoined the Registrar of Political Parties in the matter to shed more light on the alleged membership.
Parties were directed to file and serve their responses within 21 days to facilitate the hearing on
December 8 for further directions.
Lawyer Mogaka advised party members to remain calm and wait for the court decision.

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