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Nicholas Chege and Meshack Mburu at Milimani law court where the court directed they be remanded for 21 days Kasarani police station for further investigations.
Nicholas Chege and Meshack Mburu will remain in police custody over the allegations of stripping a woman naked.
Police told the court that the complainant has not yet been found. The two continues to be held after a court declined to grant bond terms.
Through an application of the prosecution in Milimani criminal court and an affidavit of police officer Charles Musyimi, the court granted the police request to detain the suspects for twenty one days.
They were arrested along Thika road Thursday evening and the investigating officer said adequate investigations have not taken place.
The bus was also detained at the Kasarani Police Station after the Anti-Stripping Police Squad dramatically stopped it on the busy highway.
The squads with their colleagues from Kasarani Police Station are looking for more suspects who were involved in the incident.
Police in the city had appealed to the woman who was captured in a video clip while pleading with the men not to assault her to come forward and help them in solving the case.

The video was captured in the bus and shows the woman pleading with her attackers not to rape her and insert a bottle into her private parts as they had threatened while touching her.

“The applicant investigations are incomplete and requires more time,” read the prosecutions application.
The police say there are several leads which they are following and more time will be needed to conclude the search for the men perpetrating gender based violence (GBV) in the country.
It also emerged that interrogations are ongoing which would lead to the arrest of other suspects who are at large.
Several files of inquiry have been opened up with a view of apprehending suspects, police say.
The security agents further say that the public is apprehensive over the increase of striping and assaulting ladies within Nairobi.
Investigations are being carried out based on video clips in police possession and available in the other media platforms.
This comes just as a policeman was Monday charged with assaulting and attempting to strip off a school girl inside a Matatu.
A tutor at the Administration Police Training College, Mr Christopher Gathara, was charged together with Mr Samuel Maina Ngige, who was a passenger in the car.
Deputy President William Ruto and the President has since assured women of their security and called on police officers to not only arrest but also charge those behind “these primitive acts”. A campaign dubbed ‘ForSheFor She’ was also launched to kick off gender based violence to take place for 16 days.


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