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Ethics and anti-Corruption commission boss Mumo Matemu

Ethics and anti-Corruption commission boss Mumo Matemu suffered a blow after the Supreme Court struck out his preliminary objection to a suit filed by Trusted Society of Human Rights Alliance against his appointment as the anti-graft body chief.
The highest court on land ruled that the matter shall come up before the Registrar for mention, and for the assignment of a priority hearing date for the appeal
The Anti-Corruption Chief appointment was nullified by the high court two years ago after Trusted Society of Human Rights Alliance moved to court on an account that Matemu embezzled millions of shillings while he was working at Agriculture Finance Corporation.
The ruling by the three-judge bench stated that the High Court is out to protect and uphold the Constitution which calls for high integrity of public officers.
Justices Joel Ngugi, Mumbi Ngugi, and George Odunga ruled that Parliament and the Executive had overlooked issues raised about Matemu’s integrity while he worked at the Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC).
The judges ruled that proper procedure could not be deemed to have been duly followed if it was apparent that the appointment process was carried out in a manner devoid of a proper inquiry into pertinent issues related to the qualification of Matemu.
“The people of Kenya did not intend that the provisions of the Constitution on integrity and suitability of people for the public offices be merely suggestions, superfluous or ornamental; they did not intend to include these provisions as lofty aspirations,” read the 58-page judgment.
However Matemu moved to the court of appeal and successfully overturned the high court ruling.
The NGO body later moved to the Supreme Court to challenge that verdict.
Matemu quickly filed an objection to the suit saying that the Trusted Society of Human Rights Alliance has no locus stand at the Supreme Court. But the Supreme Court disallowed his objections and instead they are set to hear the case on priority basis.
If the NGO succeeds then Matemu will be out of office.Matemu was appointed by the retired president Mwai Kibaki in 2012 to take the office of anti-corruption in the country to fight the rampant corruption that many say is hindering development in the country..

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