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The three major media house who has been restrained by the court from airing advertisement advising their viewers against acquiring Star Times and Gotv set top boxes to continue accessing local content in digital
High court has issued temporary orders restraining the, three major Media houses from airing advertisement advising their viewers against acquiring Star Times and Gotv set top boxes to continue accessing local content in digital quality as reality on analogue switch off continues to manifest in Nairobi and its environs.
Justice Alfred Mabeya ordered Royal Media Services, Nation Media Group and Standard Group to stop airing or publishing information to the effect that GOTV is carrying their content without their consent and thereby infringing on their copyright.
The three media houses were also barred from publishing any defamatory statements against, GOtv whether on their television stations or by ‘whatsoever means published
The three media houses have been in protracted court battles which has occasioned the delay in digital migration until the government decided it was going ahead to implement the switchover anyway.
They have accused GOtv and Star times of carrying their channels illegally and have cautioned viewers from purchasing their set top boxes. It has been reported that they want Kenyans to wait for their own decoders which they are bringing under the Africa Digital Network consortium.
However, GOtv in a statement to the press said it carried the three media houses channels under the stipulation of the Kenya Communications Amendment Act.
It claimed all premium TV providers are obligated by the regulator the Communications authority of Kenya to carry local channels.
“It has come to our attention that four (4) Free-To-Air stations namely Citizen, KTN, NTV and QTV are currently running an infomercial on their platforms specifically advising consumers against purchasing GOtv set top boxes for carrying their content without consent,” reads part of the statement.
In a press statement issued by GOtv General Manager Felix Kyengo on Sunday, He assured Kenyans that the company is operating within the confines of the laws of Kenya.
“GOtv Kenya has been and continues to air the content of the above mentioned four stations, amongst others, pursuant to a ‘must carry’ obligation imposed by Regulation 14 (2) (b) of the Kenya Information and Communications (Broadcasting) Regulations 2009, whose objective is to ensure that the public has access to information “ statement state.
GOtv offers 11 local TV channels and more than 70 additional channels including pay TV and Free to Air Channels on DVB-T2 technology.
It has been authorized by the Communications Authority of Kenya; it was the first provider in Kenya to launch DVB-T2 technology over three years ago.
The case will be heard on February 2.

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