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Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko swearing on oath at Milimani law courts when he was testifying on a case which he filed seeking the compensation for Sinai fire victim that occurred on 12 September 2011
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has told a Nairobi High Court that he has spent over Sh 4.9 million helping Sinai fire Victims who were affected by the fire.
Sonko appeared before Justice David Majanja told the court he doesn’t want any compensation for that money but he wants the Government to compensate the victims of 2011 Sinai Fire that left many disabled.
He further told the court that it was due to the negligence by the Kenya Pipeline Company that the fire occurred and destroyed the lives of so many victims who were left hopeless after the fire burnt everything.
He accused county government for poor drainage and bad roads that were not passable, making it impossible for the fire engines which arrived late to contain the fire.
“There were no good roads where fire fighter vehicles could have passed, the sewage also drained water to the victim’s habitat, “said Sonko.
The fuel had leaked into a storm drain from the Nairobi-Mombasa pipeline, the Kenya Pipeline Company said in a statement.
The senator, who filed the petition for the Sinai victims seeking compensation for them, wants the court to order the government to compensate them.
Approximately 100 people were killed in the fire and at least 116 others were hospitalized with varying degrees of burns on 12 September 2011 on the Sinai fire tragedy over what the senator terms as negligence by the Kenya Pipeline Company
Earlier on the day, eleven years old boy who testified in the same case painfully narrated how his life changed after the year 2011 where he succumbed fire injuries.
He told the court that he was sent home by the teacher to go and come back with the school fees where he came across the fire and he fell down.

Without knowing what to do as the sparks of fire and deep smoke was all over he tried to scream in vain as everybody was running for safety here and there.

“As I reached home I can’t tell who lit the fire but all I can remember is seeing the fire all over my body, I cannot play again, I have headaches every now and then and even my performance in school deteriorated, “added the boy

Rebecca Ndeta who also testified in the same said she lost her one year baby during the fire, she said that she had left her baby in the house when she heard the bhang outside and left to see what was happening.

“When I saw the smoke from outside I ran to the house to save baby, upon coming outside the house I can’t remember what trespassed because I found myself at Kenyatta National hospital,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca told the court that she is not employed and her life has become so difficult, she urged the court to help them receive justice and compensation.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was also at the court as he escorted a young boy who had burns all over his body.

Many of the victims are seeking the courts intervention so that they can be compensated, they argue that they had not received any notice from the Government that their Sinai plots were not fit for human habitat.

“For me to build t house at that place I had received a letter from the area Chief who confirmed that the plot was mine, I put my blame on Kenya Pipeline Authority because the oil belonged to them,” He said.

She told the magistrate that her life changed because she used to work and get little money for her life expenses.

“My properties were destroyed, many children and people who did not know me before always run away when they see me, she added.

The woman said she has not received any assistant from the Government since then, she said she don’t have the documents of the ownership of the plot as they were all burnt.

“Up to this moment I don’t know the cause of the fire but I blame Kenya Pipeline because the Kenya Pipeline Sewage is not very far from our place,”she added.

Sarah Njoki yet another witness who was at the court said she was preparing breakfast when the incident occurred, she said but when she came out of the house she received burns.

The only thing she said she could remember was being at the Hospital with burns all over her body, she said She Stayed at Kenyatta National Hospital for a period of two weeks.

“Two of my sister’s children died but mine survived, from that day we became enemies with my sister who has the documents that the chief gave us,” she said.
According to Her, Nairobi Senator Mike sonko payed for her hospital bill which was over Sh120,000.

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