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Matatu Welfare Association lawyer Henry Kurauka who had filed application filed under certificate Urgency challenge the decision of the Cabinet Secretary for Transport Engineer Michael Kamau to demand the of use Cash lite fare system.
Matatu Welfare Association has moved to court to challenge the decision of the Cabinet Secretary for Transport Engineer Michael Kamau to demand the of use Cash lite fare system.
The application filed under certificate urgency seek to prevent the minister, Principal Secretary for transport, National Transport and Safety Authority, the director of motor vehicle inspection Unit and
Kenya bureau of stands from imposing the new system on their operations.
The association through their lawyer Henry Kurauka, says the demand by the respondents has caused most matatu close down due inability to purchase the gadgets.
“Most of the members of the association’s TLB licenses are due to expire on 28 February and the government have put unreasonable pre-condition for renewal of the same despite numerous request to extend the period to comply” the lawyer argues.
There is real danger that most of the operator will not be in business from March 1 unless the court issue restraining order against the pre-condition set out by the minister.
Mr Kurauka argue that due to the condition over 3,800 PSV vehicles are out of service since the month of December 2014 and January 2105 because the operators are unable to meet criteria set out by the government.
The lawyer in the suit papers says that over 500,000 jobs will be lost if the decision of CS is implemented.
In the application that is supported by the affidavit of the association national chairman Mr Dickson Mbugua, points out that the cash lite system has no value addition to road safety and fitness of PSV the same should be delinked from motor vehicle inspection and TLB
licensing has pre-condition.
” The applicant sate that they are not opposed to use of the new system but the same should be applied in tandem with cash for the time being until the challenges are addressed “says Mr Mbugua.
It has been witnessed that due to lack of preparedness and challenges the respondents have postponed the implementation of cash lite fare system on numerous occasion.
Mr Kurauka argue in the application that Kenya Bureau of Stands was involved in appraisals, testing of the digital speed governors which were being sold by eleven firms which the NTSA suspended, saying that the government caused the matatu operators to incur big losses.

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