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L-R,- Chamanlal Kamani,Deepak Kamani and Rashmi Kamani (3)

Controversial Tycoon Chamanlal Kamani ,his son Deepak Rashmi and his brother Rashmi Kamani were charged before a Nairobi Chief Magistrate court for defrauding the government over Sh10billion in Anglo Leasing security contracts. at Milimani law courts on Thursday 5 March 2015.(PHOTO BY SMART SAM NEWS)

Controversial Business Tycoon Deepak Kamani, his father Chamanlal Kamani and his brother Rashmi Kamani were charged before a Nairobi Chief Magistrate court with defrauding the government over Sh10billion in Anglo Leasing security contracts.
The businessman appeared before Chief Magistrate Hannah Ndung’u on Thursday morning where he denied fraudulently acquiring public property in contravention of procurement laws.
The court also issued summons to appear against Infotalents Limited and Sound Day Corporation.
He is accused of conspiring with top government officials to defraud taxpayers of over €99 million (Sh10 billion) through his companies Infotalent Limited, Apex Finance Corporation and Sound Day Corporation.
The Kamani’s denied conspiracy to commit economic crime by engaging in a scheme to defraud of government Sh6.6billion through suppliers financing agreement for computerization of security, law and order system and procedure for Kenya Police project code named E-Cops.
The court also heard that on or about January 12 204 being beneficial owners of the assets in the account of the Infotalent Limited they jointly fraudulently received Sh1.8billion from the government without delivery of financing services.
They are further accused of receiving from the government Sh3.6billion on or about April 21 2004 in the name of Infotalent Limited held with HSBC Republic Bank (Suisse) SA.
They faces another charge jointly with Sound Day Corporation and Apex finance Corporation with defrauding the government Sh4 billion through a suppliers credit contract agreement for the modernization of police security equipment and accessories project.
The prosecution said they suspects fraudulently acquired Sh122.4million from the Ministry of finance on the pretext that they were able to provide credit to the government for purchase of security equipment under modernization of police equipment and accessories project.
Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi urged the court to exempt his client from depositing their passport in court.
Abdulahi said Rashmi resides in Dubai and need to take care of his ailing wife and family.
He added that Chamanlal travels a lot to India for medical attention. “Once you are charged you loses your freedom,” said Abdullahi
However Director of Public Prosecution opposed Abdullahi’s application saying Rashmi need to deposit his travel document in court as there was no extradition treaty between Kenya and United Arab Emirates (UAE).
“When he needs to travel he can seek special permission from court,” said Tobiko.On Chamanlal, Tobiko said there are nice hospital in Kenya with qualified doctors.
Magistrate Ndungu said age alone cannot be a factor to have Chamanlal granted special preferential treatment and directed the accused to deposit their passports in court within 14 days and not to leave the jurisdiction without court permission.
DPP undertook to supply the defence team with witness statements, any documentary evidence and physical items they intend to rely on during prosecution.
They were released on a Sh10million bond plus one surety or an alternative of Sh4million cash bail each.

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