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Nairobi governor Evans Kidero who has sued international auditor KPMG for defamation in a bid to clear his name of graft allegations made against him.
Nairobi governor Evans Kidero has sued international auditor KPMG for defamation in a bid to clear his name of graft allegations made against him in the firm’s draft forensic report on Mumias Sugar accounts.
He further claims in his suit that they painted him as a swindler, fraudster, and a conspirator who lacks integrity.
He says that they have made him to look like a white collar criminal undeserving of holding public office while he was the Managing Director of Mumias Sugar Company.
Dr Kidero has faulted the audit firm for presenting the report to Parliament, as he holds it is an unconcluded document that was intended for Mumias Sugar’s exclusive use. The document, he holds, contains untrue and defamatory statements about him.
The suit comes just weeks after the Nairobi governor filed another suit against the Nation Media Group and Standard Group seeking damages for alleged defamation for publishing stories about him derived from the document.
“KPMG asserts that the draft report was not a public document but an internal one prepared for the exclusive use of Mumias Sugar Company but proceeded to forward to Parliament an unconcluded draft report which it was yet to verify, as if the report were a public document,” Dr Kidero says.
KPMG prepared the report on demand from Mumias Sugar, which is seeking to bring to book the individuals responsible for its sharp decline from one of the country’s top profit makers to a near total collapse in just three years.
Kidero joined the giant Sugar firm in 2003 and left in Mid-2012 to pursue Nairobi County Gubernatorial seat. He claims that during his tenure as MSC MD, the company was locally and internationally acclaimed and made huge profits.
That Mumias was acclaimed as the Pioneer of branding in Sugar industry, world class producer of Sugar and Energy as well as the winner of COYA-Company of the Year Award
The document implicates the Nairobi governor in the irregular award of tenders worth millions of shillings to undeserving clients, approval of discounts to the firm’s distributors without verifying market trends to warrant the same.
Dr Kidero has in a separate suit sued the Nation Media Group and Standard Group for publishing stories on his alleged role in the collapse of one of the region’s biggest sugar producers, which were based on the forensic audit report.
Kidero wants the court to issue an order of mandatory injunction compelling KPMG jointly and severally to within two days of the judgment issue an apology to the Governor in local dailies retracting defamatory articles.
An order restraining KPMG from further publication of defamatory articles that Kidero is complaining of in relation to the management of Mumias Sugar Company in any medium.
He says that he is a family man who has painstakingly built a reputation over time and unrivalled success in corporate Management.

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