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Terror suspects Rashid Charles Mberesero, alias Rehani Dida who is linked to Garissa terror suspects at Milimani law court on Thursday 9 2015.
Tanzanian linked to the Garissa University College massacre in which 148 people were killed will be held in police custody for a month.
A Nairobi court on Thursday ordered Rashid Charles Mberesero, alias Rehani Dida, be held alongside five
other suspects linked to the attack.
Mr Mberesero was not in court on Tuesday as he had travelled to Garissa with detectives investigating the attack.
On Tuesday, the court ordered 14 suspected Al-Shabaab operatives remanded for 30 days pending investigations.
Other five suspects were arraigned in court for allegedly aiding Garissa university attackers where over 145 students were killed.
The office of the director of publication prosecution applied to have the suspects remanded in various police stations to allow police complete investigations.
State prosecutor Daniel Karori told that court the suspects, Mohamed Adan Surow, Osman Abdil Dakane, Rashid Charles Mberesem aka Rehani Dida, Miohamed Abdil Abikar, Hassan Aden Hassan and Sahail Diruye Hussein were nabbed during the easter holiday and police have not had enough to time to complete investigation into their activities.
He told trial magistrate Benson Nzakyo that police are investing each suspect the role played before and after the attack at the university.
. The prosecution said from the preliminary findings, the first suspects Surow was an employee of the hotel in Garissa where the attackers used to take their foods and he must have known them.
Mr Karori disclosed that second suspects Dakane was a security officer at the university whom the parents of the killed students requested to assist to remove the bodies but declined and instead he busy taking picture and making phone calls to unknown destination.
The third suspect Mberesem who is to appear in court April 9 is Tanzanian national who was arrested while on transit to Somalia for training as Al-shaabab operative and he is currently being held by the anti- terrorist police in Garissa for purposes of assisting the ongoing investigations
The other two Haasan and Hussein and alleged to have the assisted the attackers in transporting their ammunitions.
The court while granting the application to remand the suspects for a period of 30 days observed that Kenyans wants know the people behind the heinous attack on the innocent students.
The magistrate said the application by the state is merited and the suspects will remain in police custody as prayed by the prosecution, they shall be brought to court on May 7.

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