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Sabrin Bus that belongs to Sabrin Bus Service Company whose bank accounts were freezed by the government over the alleged terror funding.
Sabrin Bus Service Company whose bank accounts were freezed by the government for allegedly supporting terrorism has moved to seeking orders to lift the ban.
The company claims that the gazette notice issued by the government on April 7 announcing freezing of the bank accounts at Kenya Commercial bank, Gulf Africa and Community bank respectively were made without consultation with the applicant.
The aggrieved applicant says that the action is painful has it was taken without a valid court order as required by law.
The government through gazette notice freezed the applicant’s bank accounts which included 86 individuals and entities.
The list was published a few days after the attack on Garissa University College in which 147 students were killed by the militant Islamic group known as Ali- Shaabab who claimed responsibility.
The applicant claim that no communication was made to it by the government agency before taking the action of closing the bank accounts, saying information was only made available through the media.
The gazette notice gave the applicant one day to demonstrate to the authorities why it should not be declared as specified entity.
It’s the applicant’s case that as result of the listing the insurance regulatory authority and Central bank of Kenya ordered, KCB, Gulf African Bank and Community bank to cease the accounts of the bus company.
“The said notice is illegal and unprocedurally entered as the applicant has not been found guilty nor specified as an entity to warrant such action” says the applicant.
The company will be asking the court to quash the decision of the government and order the lifting of the notice.
Further the court will urged to prohibit the the attorney general, Inspector general of police, cabinet secretary of internal security, Terrorism ministerial committee and Insurance regulatory Authority from interfering with the applicant’s business operation.

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