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Five Forty Aviation Airline


Five Forty Aviation Airline has been sued by its former Chief pilot who is demanding  Sh 270 million for unlawful dismissal.

The claimant Erwan Lanoe French national says he was engaged by the airline on June 2010 to serve in the company as a pilot earning a salary of Sh925, 560 per month.

He through his lawyer Judith Guserwa told the court that, the company required him to maintain good serviceable condition of his own headset navigation instructions which included valid Kenya Commercial pilot’s license.

The ;lawyer told Justice Mathews Nderi Nduma that  the claimant  made all the conditions set out by the company and he eventually signed employment contract with management of the airline.

“During the claimant’s tenure as an employee of the company, he was a hardworking and dedicated servant who met his target which was recognized by the employer” the court heard.

The lawyer submitted that the employer regularly reviewed his salary including other allowances while serving as chief pilot during the four years he served the organization.

The dispute arose when the company refused to pay him his incentives amounting to Sh 2,293,962.00.in 2013 and 2014.

The court heard the company denied owing the claimant any amount in terms of incentives and that he was not working as chief pilot for the company.

The company according to the documents filed in court show that the relationship between the employer and employees began when the demand was made over unpaid incentive which he previously received in the years between 2010 and 2012.

The management of the airline terminated the claimant’s employment without explanation, saying the action was not only in breach of the contract but was against Article 41 of the constitution and further went against the employment Act 2007.

The hearing will continue on May 8.

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