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Capital Markets Authority chairman James Kigathi Ndegwa has thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta for appointing him to the regulatory authority board.
Mr Ndegwa, a former District Commissioner for Nandi , Kilifi, Kwale and also a former under secretary in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and also worked a personal assistant to Mwai Kibaki before he ascended to the President Kenyatta for appointing him and further promised to serve Kenyans diligently.
He said his vast experience as an administrator saw him appointed.“I was appointed because I have a vast experience as an administrator,” said Mr Ndegwa.
Ndegwa vowed that once he takes over his new role his first attempt will be to regulate and streamline interest rates in banks.
President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed other 302 people to head parastatals which is already eliciting mixed reactions among Kenyans.
Ndegwa urged Kenyans to support all presidential appointees.

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