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Senate employee, Ali Abdul Majid Ahmed who is linked to terrorism activities at Milimani law court where the anti Terrorist police unit applied to detain him for 10 days to enable them complete investigations.
Nairobi Magistrate court on Wednesday gave the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit until Friday to decide whether they will prefer charges against a parliament employee, Ali Abdul Majid Ahmed linked to terrorism activities.
Milimani Resident Magistrate, Edda Agade ordered the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit to conclude investigations by Friday or else release the accused if no charges are preferred against him.
Ali Abdul Majid has been in police custody for 10 days after Anti-Terrorism Police Unit until successfully filed an application to have him detained in order for them to conclude investigations.
The prosecution had filed another application to have the suspect detained for more 10 days on grounds that the suspect was in communication with one Abdul Rahaman and Adam Hillow who were involved in a terrorism incidence at Roysambu in December 2010.
State Prosecutor Duncan Ondimu who filed the application stated that the investigating officers required time to interrogate the persons who the calls were made to and who were in constant communication with the respondent.
He said there was high likely hood for the suspect to interfere since the persons to be interrogated were known to him.
“Pursuant to investigations so far carried out, the respondent has other associates who are still at large and they are yet to be revealed,” he said.
Ondimu noted that phone records have been obtained and they reflect that the suspect was directly connected to the Alshabaab terror group and due to their bulky nature of the Call Data Records it was not possible to analyze them within the 10 days the court granted.
Ali’s Lawyer, Mbugua Mureithi opposed the prosecution’s application stating that the suspect was an assistant Hansard Editor at the National Assembly and had presented himself to the police upon their request.
He said detention was relative to the circumstances and the prosecution had not proofed beyond reasonable doubts why they needed 10 more days.
“The Anti-Terrorism Police Unit until is using what has been happening to the country as scarecrow to arrest innocent people. There is nowhere the prosecution has stated that they visited his house in those 10 days he was in custody. So I take that to mean no investigation was carried out at all,” he said.
He added that the suspects who the prosecution claimed were in constant communication with Abdul were acquitted by the court.
Resident Magistrate Agade noted that the Country has suffered heavily to terror attacks but there must be a clear way to deal with the whole issue.
“Freedom of liberty comes before detention, the suspect is an employee of the National assembly and thus I give the police until Friday to make up their mind on whether they want to charge the suspect or release him,” she said.
Agade also urged the media to follow up on the terror suspects who are detained and learn whether charges were preferred against them.

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