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The five terror suspects Rashid Charles Mberesero, aka Rehani Dida, Osman Abdi Dakane, Sahal Diriye Hussein, Hassan Aden Hassan,Mohamed Ali Abdikar, who are linked to Garissa University college terror attack before a Nairobi Magistrate court where they faced terror charges on June 4, 2015.
Five suspects linked to the Garissa university college terror attack claims they were tortured by police while in custody.
They told Nairobi Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo they were detained on inhuman conditions and denied their rights.
They were finally charged before a Nairobi Chief Magistrate Nairobi courtafter spending 60days in custody.
They are facing 152 counts of terrorism where they allegedly conspired to on April 2, 2015 to commit a terrorist act at Garissa University College.
Rashid faced a separate charge of being in Kenya illegally.
Mohamed Ali Abdikar, Hassan Aden Hassan, Sahal Diriye, Osman Abdi and Rashid Charles, a Tanzanian, appeared before a Milimani Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo and denied the charges.
State Prosecutor Duncan Ondimu made an application to opposing their release on bail on the grounds that the offense is serious and attracts a life time imprisonment.
He urged the court to consider numerous terror attacks within the country that have lead to great public tension.
“There is a strong evidence to secure conviction, the character of the accused is not well known and they might abscond bond if released, “said Ondimu.
Ondimu added that there are more than thirty witnesses in the case and they are awaiting a directive from the High court for witness’s protection before they can get the exact number of the witness.
This was after the magistrate directed that the accused be supplied with the copies of the witness statements. Ondimu added that they will definitely supply them with the copies soon.
The prosecution added that there were 149 deaths and that which is compared to a mass murder.
Mohamed Ali requested the court to release him on bail claiming that he has been in custody for the last two months.
“I was really tortured psychologically by the arresting officers during the arrest and i am also sick, “he said.
He added that he has raised this complaint severally but nothing has been done so far, according to him the prosecution need to answer whether they have right to torture him.
All the accused objected the prosecution prayer claiming that they have a right to be released on bail.
Ondimu in response said the accused were not talking the truth while they claim that they were tortured because the police are professionals and they have been handling them with integrity.
The prosecutor added that for the last 60 days the accused did not raise the issue. “This is an afterthought after they have discovered that the offense they are facing is serious, “He said.
Sahal Diriye Hussein is said to have been an accomplice in the attack after detectives allegedly identified one of the numbers in his phone book as belonging to one of the four slain terrorists.
All the five are Kenyans and were charged alongside a Tanzanian national Rashid Charles Mberekesho.
The court heard that the six suspects were being investigated following reports that they delivered guns to the slain terrorists with whom they constantly communicated during the siege.
Ondimu said the Anti- terrorism-Police Unit (ATPU) have the best facilities within the country and they police have been in constant communication with them.
ATPU had earlier requested the court to extend the time they had been granted to complete the investigations of which they completed yesterday.
The suspects are accused of aiding Al-Shabaab militants in their attack at the institution. The magistrate said he will defer the ruling on bond and will deliver it next week on Thursday.
All the accused were remanded in custody till then.

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