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Lawyer Rodgers Kanyoko and John Sakwa, leaving Milimani law courts after filing a case where they have sued Nairobi primary school over child molestation and harassment 8 female students on February 18th.
A class eight pupil parent has sued Nairobi Primary school after her child complained of being sexually harassed by her teachers.
The parent claims that on February 18, her daughter who is a minor, was sexually assaulted and subjected to indecent acts by two school teachers namely; Rose Otieno and Anastacia Nyamai.
She claims the two teachers summoned her daughter and accused her of having several boyfriends and having a script which she was exchanging with her friend with details of having boyfriends and conducting masturbation
She said that the two teachers locked the daughter in a room, questioned her and attempted to force her to make admissions that she had boyfriends.
The parent claimed that her daughter denied the allegations made and without a fair process, the two teachers proceeded to punish her by caning and beating her on her back. They later forced the girl to undress and perform indecent acts in their presence.
“Mrs Otieno in particular told her ‘ rub it,rub it’, and she was then told to dress up .While she was dressing up she held on the table and again, Mrs Otieno said, ‘Do not touch my table with those bloody hands,” said the parent.
The parent said that when the teachers failed to get the information they were seeking, they threatened to call the police on her and force her to masturbate in the presence of one Mr Karuga and other male teachers from the staff room.
She said despite her daughter being on her menstrual cycle the two teachers to undress before them.
She said she later went to the school after receiving a distressing call from her daughter who was traumatized and in tears.
“I went to the matron who informed me that the masturbation script alleged of had been lost and that I could not have a look at the said script. They did not give me any documents to support their allegations,” she said.
She later met with the two teachers who confirmed the allegations raised by her daughter and advised her to overlook the incident that had occurred.
The parent later met with the school head teacher and narrated the ordeal to him but no disciplinary action was taken on them.
The parent says the violations have caused her untold emotional trauma and the child has become a laughing stock among her friends and peers.
She said that her daughter is unable to study and prepare for her forthcoming examinations due to the ordeal.
She said her daughter has been made to miss classes while attending to constant punishments which have been borne on her virtue of the incident having been reported to her.
Through her Lawyer, John Swaka, the parent want a restraining order issued against the two teachers, the school’s Board of Management and Teachers service Commission barring them from harassing or victimizing the minor in any way.
She also wants TSC to suspend teaching licenses of the two teachers with immediate effect pending the hearing and determination of the matter.
The parent also wants the school to produce the alleged document that formed the basis of the two teacher’s action.
Justice Isaac Lenaola certified the matter urgent and directed the application be served to the respondents for exparte hearing.
The parent is unhappy that the school has refused to take action to protect her daughter, who she says has become the laughing stock among her peers. Swaka said unless the court intervenes, the school will continue violating the girl’s rights, as well as that of other pupils.
The case will be mentioned on June 18 for further orders.

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